End-of-Summer Peanut Butter NiceCream

End-of-Summer Peanut Butter NiceCream

Featuring a secret ingredient!


See how happy I am? You would be, too, if you were about to enjoy some wholesome whole-food nicecream filled with WellBean chunks. Oh, my, it was so good!

In case you don't know, nicecream is SOS-free ice cream made from frozen fruit. It's best to make it in a high-powered blender, like a Vitamix or Blendtec, to maximize the creamy factor.

Here's my recipe, which includes my never-before revealed secret ingredient--guar gum! Guar gum is a natural thickener, and it makes the nicecream even creamier. Also, by using guar gum you can add a little more unsweetened plant milk, thus cutting the caloric density a bit.



1/2 cup unsweetened plant milk
1 Tbsp peanut butter (or any nut/seed butter)
1/4 tsp guar gum (a little goes a long way)
Blend these ingredients until creamy. Then add 6 oz frozen banana (about 1.5 large bananas)
Blend until creamy. Using a soft spatula, scoop nicecream into a bowl. Cut an Almond Fudge Brownie or Peanut Butter Crunch WellBean bar into small pieces, and fold into nicecream.

You can eat it now, or, if you prefer a firmer    texture, stick nicecream in the freezer for 1/2 hour or so. At the half-hour mark, remove and stir nicecream, and place back in the freezer for more firmness, (Don't let it freeze completely or it'll get icy.)

You can also make this in the new Ninja Creami. Just prepare the nicecream the night before (you can use unfrozen bananas), and freeze it for 24 hours in the pint jars. Then, after processing in the Creami, add cut up or crumbled WellBean as a mix-in. :-)

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